Smooth Edges by Nizako Art On Canvas 18″×24″


Smooth Edges: An Intriguing Exploration of Abstract Geometric Art

Abstract geometric art is a fascinating and complex form of artistic expression that is characterized by the use of shapes, lines, and colors in an innovative and captivating way. This type of art is known for its ability to create a visual impact that is both powerful and intriguing. One of the most striking examples of this type of art can be found in the painting “Smooth Edges”.

This beautiful artwork is a profile portrait that is made of shapes without corners. The contrasting pastel color tones used in the painting are a harmonious blend of red and purple, with the profile radiating a rich, vibrant red color. The unique use of color and the lack of corners in the shapes creates a visually stunning and mesmerizing image that draws the viewer in.

The concept behind “Smooth Edges” is simple yet impactful.

The artist has used a limited palette to create a striking visual impact, with the red color representing the energy and life force that is present in all of us. The use of the purple background is an intentional choice, as this color is often associated with royalty, luxury, and wisdom. The combination of these two colors creates a sense of balance and harmony, and the lack of corners in the shapes further enhances this feeling of balance and serenity.

The Power of Shape and Color in Abstract Geometric Art.

One of the most important elements of abstract geometric art is the use of shape and color. These two elements work together to create a visual impact that is both striking and memorable.

In “Smooth Edges”, the use of shapes without corners is a unique and innovative approach to the use of shape in this type of art.

The lack of corners in the shapes creates a sense of fluidity and movement, making the image feel dynamic and alive. The shapes seem to flow and interact with one another, creating a sense of harmony and balance. This fluidity is further enhanced by the use of soft, pastel colors that blend seamlessly into one another.

The color red is a powerful and impactful choice for the profile in “Smooth Edges”. This color is often associated with energy, passion, and life. The red color in the painting is radiant and draws the viewer’s eye, making it the focal point of the artwork. The contrast with the purple background creates a striking visual impact that is both beautiful and intriguing.

A Unique Take on the Profile Portrait
Profile portraits are a classic and timeless form of art, but “Smooth Edges” takes this classic form and elevates it to new heights. The use of abstract geometric shapes and pastel color tones creates a modern and contemporary take on the profile portrait that is both visually stunning and emotionally engaging.

The artist has masterfully used the limited palette and lack of corners in the shapes to create a profile portrait that is both distinctive and memorable. The use of red in the profile creates a sense of energy and life, while the use of purple in the background creates a sense of wisdom and luxury. The combination of these two elements creates a profile portrait that is both beautiful and meaningful.

The Beauty of Pastel Tones
Pastel tones are a wonderful and versatile choice for abstract geometric art, and they are used to great effect in “Smooth Edges”. These soft, gentle colors create a sense of calm and serenity, making the painting feel both peaceful and soothing. The use of pastel tones in the painting is an intentional choice, as they serve to balance and harmonize the energy and intensity of the red color in the profile.

If you are a lover of abstract geometric art or simply appreciate the beauty of unique and visually stunning artwork, then “Smooth Edges” is a must-see. It is a masterpiece that is sure to take your breath away and leave you in awe of the artist’s skill and creativity.

This beautiful artwork on high-quality canvas has a vivid, fade-resistant print that you’re bound to fall in love with.

Created by Nizako exclusively for

Canvas Characteristics:
• Acid-free, PH-neutral, poly-cotton base
• 20.5 mil (0.5 mm) thick poly-cotton blend canvas
• Canvas fabric weight: 13.9 oz/yd2(470 g/m²)
• Fade-resistant
• Hand-stretched over solid wood stretcher bars
• Matte finish coating
• 1.5″ (3.81 cm) deep
• Mounting brackets included
• Blank product in the EU sourced from Latvia
• Blank product in the US sourced from the US

Weight 0.99 lbs

Size Chart

Size guide
Height (inches) 18
Width (inches) 24
Height (cm) 45.7
Width (cm) 61